Calling All Angels was founded 10 years ago and is a 501C3 nonprofit tax exempt charity. We are a 100% volunteer charity. No one will receive payment for their work, other than the fulfillment in their heart which has been my driving force for the past ten years:-) We will work with organizations to benefit children of all ages. We hope to help chronic and/or terminal children, abused and neglected children, homeless children, as well as any child in need. We hope to receive private funding as well as hold small fundraising benefits. We can assure donors that Calling All Angels will go that extra mile so the money we receive and give to those in need, is not going to operating costs or advertisement.

It is our hope and dream that we can be a part of ending the plight of child hopelessness by continuing to help children in need. No child should go unloved nor unwanted. No child should suffer physically, mentally or emotionally. No child should wander the streets aimlessly without a safe place to lay their head at night. No child should go hungry. All Children deserve a place to call home and a family that loves them. With hope in our minds and love in our hearts we believe anything is possible… We will spread our wings as well as Love and Hope,

Laura Bostick
Founder and President
Calling All Angels

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